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When Puja mentioned she was starting Fuzzy Butts Rescue, I quickly volunteered my family to participate.  In November of 2009, she called to see if we would foster a 9 month old schnauzer-poodle mix, a schnoodle.  The puppy was at a shelter in North Carolina and was described as a “timid abuse case.”  Her name was Mallory.  We own a friendly cairn terrier, so we felt up to the task.  A week later, my husband picked little Mallory up in New Jersey and brought her home.  She was clearly frightened, and looked around with her beautiful big brown eyes for a while, before she decided my 8 year old daughter was safe, and she approached her slowly and put her head in her lap.  She won our hearts instantly.  Over the next few days, it became clear that a little affection (well, a lot----she is sooooo cute), a nice bath, two meals a day, and a few treats were all that Mallory needed to begin to feel safe.  Puja was with us all the way through, giving us tips on how to help Mallory adjust to her new environment and answering all the questions we had about caring for a shelter dog.  As we started the process to find her a permanent home, something else became crystal clear.  Mallory already had her home, and she was already a part of our family.  We started the process to adopt her, and once again, Puja was amazing and supportive, especially when it came to having Mallory spayed.  Mallory is an amazing dog; she is thriving in every way and the process of rescuing her has enriched our lives in countless ways.  We are so grateful to everyone at Fuzzy Butts for all the amazing hard work they do to save sweet and innocent animals, and we are especially grateful that they brought our Mallory home to us!
Greg, Lori, Ryan and Danielle Greene
West Nyack, NY    
 Hi ,
Nice to hear from you again.I'm happy in my new home with my new buddy Lia and my new parents. She loves me and protects me,even lets me eat out of her dish. My name has been changed to Benny.
I like my new name and answer to it like I've had it all my life.
Friends and family give me plenty of love and attention also.I'm so glad you found me such a good home. Thanks for all you do for all my displaced Fuzzy Butt friends. They need caring people like you.
You can come visit me anytime, I can let you in myself.
 Ok I gotta go, I'm not supposed to use the computer,go figure I watch you tube all the time when there not home anyway.
Benny ,aka  Bo.  
Hi there!
  The girls have decided to call him Willie, but I usually just call him The Baby :). He is hugged and kissed about a million times a day, and is doing really well on the dry food.  He has a follow up visit at the vet in about two weeks, and he is adjusting to the country life really well.  The biggest surprise is how well he gets along with our two year old lab.  All Charlie wants to do is play and kiss the kitten, and all the kitten wants is to snuggle!  They are very cute together.  I have to send you the second picture separately because my cell phone is old and junky!  This is my 8 year old holding him. 
Enjoy. And THANK YOU!!,  We all love him to pieces!
Jen DePalma
Hi. My name is Eve. As you can see I’m pretty pooped right now. And that’s because I landed in such a great place thanks to Fuzzy Butt Rescue. Here’s my story. My new Mom was not in the market for a second dog, particularly a whirling dervish 1 year old. But my cuteness factor was overwhelming and one look was all it took. AS they say, you just can’t time love. Let me tell you those folks at Fuzzy Butts know what they are doing. They are a network of hardworking, dedicated and caring animal people and match makers extraordinaire. Boy did I luck out. I have lots of new friends (2 and 4 legged). Fuzzy Butts Rescue…Thanks for the Good Life.
More stories to come.........
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